How to track user login/logout history using Inactive Logout Pro

May 20, 2024

How to track user login/logout history using Inactive Logout Pro

Tracking user login and logout history is essential for ensuring the security and efficiency of your website. Inactive Logout Pro plugin can help you monitor user activity seamlessly. In this blog, we will explain you how you can effectively track user login and logout history using Inactive Logout Pro WordPress plugin.

Benefits of Tracking User Login/Logout History

Below are some of the benefits to tracking user logins and logout data.

1. Security Monitoring

Tracking login and logout events helps detect unauthorized access and potential security breaches, ensuring your network remains secure.

2. Resource Management

Understanding usage patterns allows you to optimize resource allocation and manage your website effectively.

3. Troubleshooting

Detailed logs help diagnose issues related to user access and website performance, making troubleshooting easier.

Exploring Track User Login Settings

Firstly, you will need to install Inactive Logout Pro plugin and then activate the plugin. After activation goto wp-admin > Users > Track user logins page from where you will be able to view a table where the list of login and logout records of your WordPress website users will be shown. From this page you can track and filter out the data you need so that you can track your users.

Features in Detail

  1. Login Time – Track through login time
  2. Logout Time – Track through logout time
  3. Online Status – Shows status if a user is online or offline
  4. Session Duration – Duration of the session which the user is logged into.
  5. Role – User Role
  6. Browser – From which browser the user has logged in.
  7. Operating System – From which operating system the user is logged in as.
  8. IP Address
  9. Timezone of the User
  10. Filters based on browser, login type, OS, role and time
  11. Export Data to CSV or Print.

Dashboard Widget

You can also get a quick view of your recent login users from your WordPress dashboard directly.

track user login

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