Inactive Logout Pro Changelogs

See what's new added, changed, fixed, improved or updated.

  1. v2.8.1

    • Fixed: Disable inactive logout functionality for selective pages sometimes not taking pages.
  2. v2.8.0

    • Fixed: Helper functions
    • Added: Logger
    • Added: Events based on User interactions (More to be added in coming days)
    • Added: WP CLI commands
    • Fixed: Multi-role functions not working for different roles.
    • Bug fixes
  3. v2.7.1

    • Added: Option to configure browser tab close logout duration.
    • Fixed: Issue with Track user login
  4. v2.7.0

    • Revamped codebase
    • Added: Track User Login history
    • Added: User Session tracker filters
    • Added: User Logout history
    • Javascript library updates
    • Code Optimization
  5. v2.6.0

    • Security Updates
    • Added: Feature called 'Disable Native WordPress Session Expiration Popup' – This will disable native WordPress login popup.
    • Added: SDK
  6. v2.5.4

    • Security Patch
    • Fixed: Plugin activation error fixed PHP string type error.
  7. v2.5.3

    • Fix: wp_footer and wp_header priority fixes.
    • Activation message if activated without free version plugin.
  8. v2.5.2

    • Enhancement: Browser close logout more accurate.
  9. v2.5.1

    • Fixed: Plugin archive incompatible issue when activating the plugin on WordPress version greater than 6.4
  10. v2.5.0

    • Updated: Browser tab close feature refinements.
    • Added: Option to limit concurrent logins based on user role.
    • Code Refactoring.
    • Security Updates.
    • Major Bug Fixes.
  11. v2.4.0

    • Added: Users filtering through Last Active column.
    • Added: Hooks
    • Fixed: Bug Fixes
  12. v2.3.4

    • Minor changes.
    • Fixed: License activation failing due to SSL verification.
  13. v2.3.3

    • Fixed: User session check timer.
  14. v2.3.2

    • Added: Responsive admin design changes.
    • Fixed: Exact Logout Time.
    • Added: Setting to turn on forced logout message.
    • Added: New cron task.
  15. v2.3.1

    • Added Loading Screen.
    • Added Currently logged in users view.
    • Optimized Forced Logout timings.
    • Styling changes.
  16. v2.3.0

    • Added: Message popup for user whoever is forced logged out by administrator from backend.
    • Added: Redirection to the page after administrator logout invocation.
    • Added: Modal customization styler added in settings page.
    • Added: Unlock access customization field
    • WP Scripts Updated.
    • Login restricted message section moved to different tab.
    • UI changes.
    • Major Bug Fixes.
  17. v2.2.2

    • Major Fix: Multisite optimization.
    • Bug fixes related to login redirections.
  18. v2.2.1

    • Fix: Hook priority as well condition checks corrected.
  19. v2.2.0

    • Added: User session details in users table.
    • Added: Login Redirection
    • Code Refactoring.
    • Security Patches.
    • Bug Fixes
  20. v2.1.1

    • Fix: Plugin update not working.
  21. v2.1.0

    • Fixed: Login fail certain times when a user is logged in via 3rd party plugins. Such as during WooCommerce checkout process.
    • Changed: Code standard upgraded to PSR-4
    • Patched: Security fixes.
    • Updated: Login restricted message now can be customized fully from backend.
    • Updated: JS bundler(transitioning)
    • A lot of bug fixes.
  22. v2.0.4

    • Updated: Minor Bug Fixes
  23. v2.0.3

    • Updated: Multiple login message customizable section changed to visual editor
  24. v2.0.2

    • Fixed: Logout all user sessions not working when using concurrent logins.
    • Fixed: Minor Bug Fixes.
  25. v2.0.1

    • Fixed: Ajax error when free version script was disabled.
  26. v2.0.0

    • Compatibility: Made compatible with free version 3.0.0
    • Added: Browser tab sync functionality.
    • Added: Enhancements
  27. v1.1.19

    • Added: Email headers changed when sending emails.
  28. v1.1.18

    • Changed: Added a hook 'ina_addon_change_browser_logout_threshold' for changing browser auto logout timelimit. This value needs to be in seconds.
  29. v1.1.17

    • Changed: method 'check_valid_session' to be called from WordPress hook.
  30. v1.1.16

    • Added: Option to disabled inactive logout based on post type.
  31. v1.1.15

    • Fixed: Datable issue for not relatable pages.
  32. v1.1.14

    • Changed: User tracker is now always accessible.
    • Added: Ability to filter username, email, role etc in user tracker page.
    • Added: Search filter in user tracker page.
    • Added: Ability to modify list size in user tracker page.
  33. v1.1.13

    • Fixed: User Login tracker page date issue.
  34. v1.1.12

    • Added: User tracker feature if concurrent login feature is enabled.
    • Fixed: Multisite license issue
  35. v1.1.10/1.1.11

    • Fixed: Auto browser logout issues, license error when used with multisite.
  36. v1.1.9

    • Fixed: Multisite issue – Auto browser logout not working due to restriction in ajax call.
  37. v1.1.8

    • Fixed: Multi-site support issue. Addon not working because condition check was not validated when multisite functionality was active.
    • Changes: Major bug fixes
  38. v1.1.7

    • Added: Option to disable concurrent login limit and only allow concurrent login where old session will be logged out when a new session is logged in.
  39. v1.1.6

    • Added: Filters to change title of site for request received page.
    • Added: Filters for changing body contents of the received page.
  40. v1.1.5

    • Fixed: Ajax login shows password reset form if concurrent login has reached.
    • Bug Fix: Only enqueue script if user is logged in.
    • Removed: ina_addon_user_locked_on_ajax_login action hook
    • Added: ina_addon_user_before_lock_msg for redirect usage etc.
  41. v1.1.4

    • Added: Destroy session for all other sessions except for logged in user btn in settings page.
    • Fixed: Concurrent Login not working when defined 1
    • Added: Ajax login for frontend hook to be customizable. Filter hook ina_addon_user_locked_if_using_ajax and action: ina_addon_user_locked_on_ajax_login which will allow user to customize message if the login is ajax based.
  42. v1.1.3

    • Fixed: Issue with Concurrent logins when "Concurrent User Limit" field is defined greater than 2.
    • Changed: Static resource cache friendly.
  43. v1.1.2

    • Fixed: Issue with concurrent logins and browser logout.
  44. v1.1.1

    • Fixed: array_key_exists() function warning when saved multi-role settings.
  45. v1.1.0

    • Added: Browser close disable feature for all roles in user role tab.
    • Fixed: Minor Bug fixes.
    • Updated: Text Strings for Browser Logout Description.
    • Added: Filter hook "ina_redirect_unblock_session" for redirection on unblock session. Redirection will happen to defined url.
    • Added: Filter hook "ina_addon_user_locked_title" for blocked user page title change option.
  46. v1.0.7

    • Fix: Login redirection loop to user not being logged out when used with s2membership plugin due to wp_login hook priority reported by @Bo Koue Callesen (A big thank you!)
  47. v1.0.6

    • Fix: License field was not showing because the default value of status was "invalid" instead of false by Pasco.
    • Fix: Save and activate button was missing because of conditional check for "license" reported by Pasco.
  48. v1.0.5

    • Added: Disable Inactive logout for Certain Pages.
    • Fixed: Activation Page.
    • Fixed: Minor bugs and errors.
    • Updated: Localization Strings.
  49. v1.0.4

    • Fixed: $this->version returning notice error because this was removed in previous version.
    • Added: Compatibility to "User Switching" plugin allowing you to switch without being logged out.
    • Localization strings added.
  50. v1.0.3

    • Fixed: Plugin automatic updates.
    • Bug Fixes: Minor fixes.
  51. v1.0.2

    • Fixed: Role based browser close logout issue.
    • Bug Fixes: Minor fixes.
    • Added: Korean translation.
  52. v1.0.1

    • Added: Translation ready plugin.
    • Added: Few translation strings.

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