The Best Idle Logout and Session Tracking for your WordPress site.

Inactive Logout is much more than just an Inactivity user tracker. It’s the security solution which keeps your privacy protected.

Logout Idle sessions the right way!


Safeguard your WordPress user sessions against prying eyes with the Inactive Logout plugin! By automatically ending idle user sessions, it ensures your site security even when users accidentally leave their sessions unattended.

  • No Bloatwares & Notifications
  • Idle/Auto Logouts based on defined Time (Free)
  • WooCommerce Support (Free)
  • Wakeup Feature (Free)
  • Concurrent Logouts (Free/*Enhanced Features in Pro)
  • Forced Logouts (*Pro)
  • Logout Redirections (Free/Enhanced Features in *Pro)
  • Login Redirections (*Pro)
  • Multi-Tab Support (*Pro)
  • Browser Close Logout (*Pro)
  • Track User Online Status (*Pro)
  • Multisite Support (Free/*Pro)
  • Modal Customizer (*Pro)

Inactive Logout

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