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Inactive Logout Features

Inactive logout Pro enhances some extra features which already exists on top of the free version. Listed below are some of the key features.


Track User Logins

Track how many or which users are currently logged in. This feature provides valuable insights into user behavior, session management, and can aid in identifying suspicious or unauthorized login attempts.


Login Redirects (New)

Login redirects” is a feature that automatically directs users to a specific page or destination after they successfully log in to your site. This behaviour can be changed based on user roles as well or set as an global option.


Redirects on Logout (New)

“Redirect on Logout” is a feature that tracks your login status. However, no data is ever kept in your system. If you manually logout any user from backend – This feature shows a popup to the user who has been forcefully logged out.


Browser close Logout

“Auto Browser Logout” is a feature that automatically logs out a user from your website when they close the browser tab or window. It enhances security by ensuring that user sessions are terminated when the browsing session ends, reducing the risk of unauthorized access if the device is left unattended. This feature helps protect user accounts and sensitive information by proactively enforcing logout behavior and promoting secure browsing practices.


Cross Tab Support

“Cross Tab Support​” is a feature that enables tracking and management of multiple browser tab sessions within your site. It allows users to open the same website in multiple tabs while maintaining synchronized data and session state across all tabs. This feature ensures a consistent and seamless user experience, allowing you to track your inactivity on the same page even though you are working on different tabs.


Concurrent Login Enhancements

While free version offers basic concurrent login features. PRO version allows you to restrict user based on the number of concurrent logins as well as override your login manually if you think you have been compromised when trying to login through multiple places.


Modal UI Customizations (New)

Users can now directly customize the modal through backend without needing to write any css codes.


Disable on Selective Pages

Selective disable on specific pages on which you don’t want any tracking or inactive logout features active.


Track User Online Status

Track user online status from backend under "Users" page or under "Tracker User Logins" page.

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